You want creat an invention that will revolutionize the way the world works, but how do you make your idea a reality?
KENDYWORKS helps you defining your Idea and managing your Patents / Inventions.

KENDYWORKS helps you to define your invention, manage and track your patent.

To better prepare your patent / invention, a researcher must ask himself these questions:

What problem does my invention solve?

How much money will I need to produce my invention?

How does my invention actually work?

Who is my target audience?

How is my invention different from others like it?

Can I think of potential investors?

What types of inventions can be patented?

There are three main types of patents - utility, design, and plant - that are granted for different types of inventions.

Your invention must provide some utility to society, must not be offensive to public standards of morality, and must be novel, non-obvious, adequately described or enabled, and claimed by the inventor in clear and definite terms.

You can secure a utility patent for a process, machine, article of manufacture, composition of matter, or an improvement upon any of these existing products.

Though you will apply for a different type of patent, you can also patent an ornamental design of an article of manufacture or an asexually reproduced plant variety.

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