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KENDYWORKS is a, next-generation, project management solution for Research & Development (R & D), efficient and easy to use to manage your projects, your tasks, your academic activities. An ideal solution for the management of your scientific publications and Experiences. This platform has been designed according to your needs. Whether you are an Experienced researcher or a beginner, whether you are an institution or a research group, you'll get features that make KENDYWORKS a great system.

KENDYWORKS allows you to work intelligently on your R & D projects. It allows you to assign tasks and academic activities to your collaborators and monitor them. You can organize and plan your Scientific Experiments and publications as needed. The information collected by KENDYWORKS will allow you to analyze the performance of your research and activities.
The benefits for researchers are multiple. With KENDYWORKS you can :

Easy planning of your research work.
Tracking your academic activities.
Use the latest generation Web technology.
Simple management of your R&D projects and tasks.
Share useful information with your collaborators.
Using custom reports.
Management of your publications, your Scientific Experiments, your patents / inventions, your scholarships, your academic awards and distinctions, etc.
Management of your collaborators and supervisors.
No installation or configuration.
KENDYWORKS helps researchers intelligently exploit their potential and focus on the heart of their academic activities to achieve excellence in Research and Development. The features offered by KENDYWORKS allow researchers to save time who can then devote themselves to decisive research.
The quality of doctoral student's reseach and the reputation that follows are essential to advance and develop his career in his field.                                               Our fully integrated solution, KENDYWORKS, delivers powerful functionality to achieve research and development excellence:

It facilitates collaborative work.
It increases your success rate.
It improves the management quality of your research work: Publication, Scientific Experiment, etc.
It facilitates the management of your tasks and academic activities.
KENDYWORKS offers you the skills to manage all the activities of your research project and the ability to:

Manage your time and close your project on time.
Work with other collaborators and to develop networks on an international scale.
Better define your research problem.
Identify the limits of your research project.
Identify the impact of your research work.
Identify the expected results of your research work.
Detect obstacles in your research work and to overcome them.
KENDYWORKS optimizes your research and strengthen your project management skills by facilitating:

Identification of your research subject.
Planning and monitoring of your academic tasks and activities (conferences, workshops, forums, etc.).
Management of your communications and scientific publications.
Management of your Scientific Experiments.
Management of your bibliographical references.
And other features.
KENDYWORKS is a pay-as-you-go service (quarterly, semi-annually, annually, ...), so you can make changes to your plan whenever you need to.
We’re fervent about keeping your data safe and secure. Access to the data center is restricted by security badge control system, video surveillance and 24/7 on-site security.
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