The power of R&D collaboration accelerates research, monitoring, sharing, coordination and scientific progress
Collaborators management has a major impact on R&D projects raising serious questions about the right choice of a collaboration platform

A potential collaborator is any user who is owner of an active account in KENDYWORKS solution. You can view all of the collaborators (Researchers, supervisors, industrial partners) on your account from your Collaborators page.

Adding collaborators

The most effective way to add a new collaborator is to search for him (In th interface New Supervisor or New Collaborator or New Industrial Partner) by his email address and invite him to join your network as a collaborator. Invite your researchers as a collaborator or supervisor and allow them to track, comment, and collaborate with you.

If you cannot find the user from the search, it means that the user does not have a user account in KENDYWORKS.

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