Whether it is to manage a scientific, a forum, a workshop, or a meeting with your research director, KENDYWORKS ensures nothing is left to chance and that your activity is a success!

KENDYWORKS covers all your project activities such as basic research, fundamental research, advanced development, process development, technology development, concept development, prototyping, new product development, etc.,.

The increasing dispersion of R&D laboratories and collaborators force researchers to take a global view in managing their research activities and to make efforts to coordinate their project. KENDYWORKS proposes the best and easiest solution to:

Planning and sharing your R&D activities in real-time. .

Facilitating communication among R&D collaborators.

Coordinating R&D activities.

Better monitoring and managing activities from beginning to end.

Running multiple academic activities to make sure you reach the research goals.

Inviting your collaborators to work with you on your R&D activities

Facile, intelligent et simple, tout-en-un!